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    Turn employees into ambassadors

    Improve the employee experience by better understanding the key drivers of engagement.

    Improve employee engagement by optimizing the employee experience

    To keep up with changing employee needs and expectations, your employee experience management solutions must enable you to monitor, measure, and analyze experiences in real time.

    Solution benefits

    • Ability to identify and close employee experience gaps at key touch points during the employment lifecycle
    • Insights into the key drivers of employee engagement in order to prioritize actions with the biggest impact
    • Fast, affordable, and confident identification of the optimal benefits package based on employee preferences and budget constraints

    Business value

    • Create a motivated and productive workplace
    • Motivate engaged employees to provide exceptional customer experiences
    • Reduce attrition by understanding exit feedback and making improvements?

    SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement

    Improve the employee experience by helping managers and leaders understand what’s happening in their organization and why.?


    Flexible survey creation

    Access best-practice engagement surveys or build your own with our flexible survey builder.

    Role-based dashboards and reporting

    Empower your leaders and managers with personalized dashboards mapped to your organization’s structure.

    Built-in, customizable impact reports

    Know where to focus your attention and which actions to take to improve employee engagement immediately.

    Guided action planning

    Track improvements with action planning tools to ensure the changes you make drive results.

    We are tirelessly committed to bringing our employees the very best technology, experience, and culture. Cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors solutions have played an integral role in our employee experience journey, serving 31,000 employees in 26 cities.

    Hernan García, Chief Employee Experience Officer, Tec de Monterrey Learn more

    SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle

    Collect feedback and insights in real time so you can close experience gaps at key points in the employee lifecycle.?


    Event-based triggers

    Optimize your onboarding process with feedback and insights from new hires and act on automated exit feedback.

    Preconfigured and customizable dashboards

    Get your dashboards up and running in a matter of minutes by choosing best-practice templates that meet your business needs.

    Embedded and tailored reports

    Combine onboarding and exit feedback with other key touch points to understand the impacts throughout the employee lifecycle.

    Statistical key driver analysis

    Use key driver analysis to prioritize actions with the biggest impact on key metrics like ramp time and productivity.

    Our O-data shows who has left Rogers over the past year, but not why they’ve left. When you marry X-data and O-data, you can build statistical models that show which employee experiences differentiate the employees who’ve left versus those who’ve stayed.

    Geoff Ho, Leader of the Research and Advisory team, Rogers Communications Learn more

    SAP Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimizer

    Identify the optimal benefits package based on employee feedback and an analysis of what’s really important to your employees.


    Experimentation using conjoint analysis surveys

    Make strategic decisions on emerging trends and impact drivers based on data, not just anecdotal employee feedback.

    Enhanced offerings by segments

    Take into account employee feedback when identifying the optimal benefits package quickly, affordably, and confidently.

    Stronger total rewards programs

    Reduce negative employee backlash by involving your employees in critical decisions about their benefits options.


    See what our customers are saying about Experience Management (XM) solutions from SAP.

    What are analysts saying?

    Enter the next employee XM frontier

    Learn how you can continuously capture employee feedback and, based on those insights, act with precision and in real time to drive ongoing improvements.

    Expert services and support

    Get the support you need to expertly run, use, and maintain your SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

    Service offerings

    Drive innovation, accelerate your migration to the cloud, and simplify your digital HR transformation with SAP Digital Business Services.

    Support offerings

    Rely on proactive, predictive, and preventive support across all deployment options and use new technologies to realize your business goals quickly.?

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    SAP can call you to discuss any questions you have.
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